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Yin Yoga

woman in the red shirt sitting on the red mat with her legs pointing forward folding over with her upper body while her head touching her shin muscles and her palms holding each other in front of her feet doing yoga seated fold pose

All Levels

Treat yourself with this gentle style of yoga practice which aims to regulate the body’s flow of energy, enhance circulation and elasticity of the joints and muscles, calm the nervous system of the entire body and provide an opportunity to explore and appreciate the many textures of your emotional landscape.

Yin Yoga is a form of yoga founded on the principle of minimal physical effort and static in nature, which means that the pose and gravity create most of the stretch. Poses in this class are floor based, passive and held for prolonged periods of time, anywhere up to five minutes. This enables every practitioner to relax and recover while targeting connective tissues-fascia, tendons and ligaments throughout the body.

This class is meditative in nature, designed to empower you to explore your breath on a deeper level and strengthen the connection between yourself and your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body. Rewarding practice that is offered to everyone, from those brand new to yoga to long-time dedicated practitioners. It is also a wonderful compliment to more active forms of yoga or lifestyle.

“The pose begins when you want to leave it.”

~ B.K.S. Iyengar

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