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Sunrise Yoga Flow

woman in the white room on the pink mat dressed in black tights and grey sleeveless shirt sitting on her shins with knees pointing diagonally sideways while her upper body folded forward with her hands stretched forward and her palms on the mat

All levels

Early morning practice that allows you to focus your mind, stretch and awaken the body in respectful and gentle way, set clear intentions and dive into the new day with ease, comfort and positivity.

Sunrise flow is designed to wake you up on all levels of your being. From head to toes, from inside out and other way around. In this class you will be invited to honour your energy level in the morning, to unwind yourself into the quiet stillness, to warm up every inch of your body, elevate your mood and energise for the rest of your day.

Wheter you are individual new to yoga or a long time practitioner, you will enjoy exploring your body through simple postures and slow transitions, rythm of the breath and it’s effects, deepening your understanding of how you function as a whole.

Flow into new experiences energized, nourished, open-hearted and clear-minded, with ease and vitality, with calm and love; ready to embrace all posibilities that comes when Sun send off the dark.

”Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

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