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Prenatal Yogalates

woman in the forest beside the river on yoga mat made from cork standing on her legs wide apart in side lounge while bending forward with her upper body and her hands wrapped around her right upper leg doing yoga

Prenatal Yogalates is suitable for all mums-to-be, but your GP/physician approval is essential.

Pregnancy is truly a magical time in every woman’s life. It is a time when new life blossom within a woman, a time of great changes and growth on all levels. During pregnancy, woman’s body deal with a lot of adjustments. It’s not only expanding outwards, but internal organs are shifting in order to make more room for a baby inside. Woman’s awareness of her body is expanding as well, and her mind undergoes through some serious shifts.

Prenatal Yoga and Pilates are a wonderful tools for every mum-to-be. And a fusion of those two, Prenatal Yogalates, is a safe and effective exercise technique which combines best elements of the two. In this class you will be guided through breathing techniques which are great preparation for delivery, among all other benefits. You will also work on creating space in your body to accommodate a growing baby, while releasing tensions in muscles. Prenatal Yogalates will help you to improve and maintain healthy posture over the course of pregnancy. Strengthening and toning Pilates exercises will focus mainly on your hips, bum, legs, upper body and pelvic floor muscles.

As pregnant woman goes through many hormonal, as well as bodily changes which can affect her way of thinking, it is of great importance to embrace those changes and cope with them with strong, yet relaxed mind. In every Yogalates class you will be guided through a meditation and deep relaxation, so yourself and your baby can integrate all benefits of the practice. Also, positive affirmations will be given to you to assist you in every day of this beautiful journey of your pregnancy.

Prenatal Yogalates is suitable for all mums-to-be, but your GP/physician approval is essential.

”The birth process often becomes an extension of the Yoga practice”

~ Unknown

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