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"Behind the idea of Back 2 Basics Yoga & Fitness are more than 10 years of engagement and presence in different areas of fitness and wellbeing, many years of teacher trainings and continuous professional development. What started as physical exercising, soon became a lifestyle based on mindfulness on & off the mat, inside & outside of the studio space. Personal practice and teaching on a daily basis, brought the desire to share and convey collected knowledge and experience in unique place specially designed for a group classes. A place where we can all learn and grow together, nourish physical and mental health, share love and compassion; where we are all one in our uniqueness."

Ivana Maricic,
Founder of Back 2 Basics Yoga & Fitness Studio in Kilkenny

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Back 2 Basics Yoga & Fitness Studio integrates a wide range of Yoga, Pilates & Fitness classes suitable for everyBODY, every fitness level and every aspiration. From gentle stretches and mindfulness to energetic and transformative exercises, classes are tailored to meet all your needs. Devoted to help beginners to dive in but also regulars to maintain life-long practice, Back 2 Basics provides healing and relaxation, challenge and fun in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

group class with several people standing on the yoga mat bending forward with their hands behind their back palms touching each other namaste mudra

Founder of B2B

Ivana Maricic made her first steps in fitness and well-being world in 2009 when she became apprentice of one of the most esteemed aerobic instructors in Croatia. She actively participated in broad range of seminars, workshops and conventions around Europe. In 2011 Ivana earned TRX Suspension Group Training certificate, followed with 212 hours Yoga and Pilates Teacher Training and 230 hours Group Fitness with Music Programme, both in 2014. In 2019 Ivana completed 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training and also Trapeze Yoga Teacher Training. She has attended Vippassana meditation course, first time for 10 days of noble silence and meditation and second time for 3 days. From 2010 till this day Ivana is practicing and teaching group classes on daily basis, developing her knowledge and skills in order to share it with others.

Ivana is a passionate explorer of optimal way of living, mindfulness and meditation, chakras and yoga philosophy; advocate for veganism and sustainability, plant-based and zero-waste lifestyle. Beside yoga and movement, Ivana’s favorite hobbies are reading, writing, cooking and developing new recipes.

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Located in the heart of Kilkenny City in the Kilkenny Retail Centre (Above Celebrate It Shop), James's Street within walking distance from Dunnes Stores car park, Market Cross car park & St. Mary's Car park, Back 2 Basics Yoga & Fitness Studio easily is accessible for anyone by foot, bicycle or car.

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