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Welcome Back 2 Basics...

..Yoga, Pilates & Fitness Studio located in the heart of Kilkenny City, devoted to the delivery of various high quality Yoga, Pilates & Fitness group classes to the people from all walks of life. Cherishing simplicity and the teaching of powerful approaches to fundamentals of exercising and mindfulness..

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Woman in the black tights and white top sitting on the wooden floor with her legs crossed in her lap while palms touching each other in front of heart doing yoga seated prayer pose

Optimal way to joyful living

Back 2 Basics Yoga & Fitness Studio integrates a wide range of Yoga, Pilates & Fitness classes suitable for everyBODY, every fitness level and every aspiration. From gentle stretches and mindfulness to energetic and transformative exercises, classes are tailored to meet all your needs. Devoted to help beginners to dive in but also regulars to maintain life-long practice, Back 2 Basics provides healing and relaxation, challenge and fun in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

woman standing on the left leg while right leg pointed up upper body bending forward right hand holding right foot in the air doing yoga dancer pose woman standing on the right leg left leg hovering above the ground hands stretched to the sides preparing to do yoga tree pose.svg


5000 years old Yogic insights presented through various classes comprised of Yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation methods.

Yoga Classes
woman sitting on her bum while her legs and upper body lifted up doing pilates boat pose woman on her hands and one knee while other leg pointed up doing pilates table top pose


Method originally named "Contrology" designed for overall health and fitness which is all about natural flowing moment, control and precision.

Pilates Classes
man standing with his arms stretched sideways while holding weights in each hand doing fitness class woman lifting weights doing bicep curl on a fitness class


Range of group fitness classes created to meet all demands, from high-intensity cardio based work-out routine to low impact static regime.

Fitness Classes
59 / 6 Class

6 Class Pass

  • Mix'n'Match Six classes
  • Any class, any time*
  • One-off payment
  • Valid for 2 months
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12 / class

1 Class Pass

  • One class of your choice
  • Any class, any time*
  • One-off payment
  • Valid for 1 class only
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* Classes are subject to space availability. Please check our timetable.